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Ok so Im playing a Gnome illusionist inventor whose a traveling stage magician.  Were about to start a 12 player campaign and Im looking for Ideas for my Caravan Wagon, if anyone knows where i can find the stats on this please post it. basically its a 15 by 25 by 7 m3 ft fully enclosed wagon pulled by a 5 horse team.

Now I've split the wagon in half the front 10 by 15 foot area into his personal lab and the back 10 by 15 into passenger space for normal sized passengers. 

*Caravan Wagon.
This is a fully Enclosed wagon pulled by a team of five horses. The inside is modified into a Laboratory Bachelors pad of sorts It consist of a large Bookshelf full of books on The subjects listed in Jamrils knowledge skill list as well as years of magical scientific research conducted and recorded meticulously by himself.. The bookself has an attachable ladder thats resting inside a groove on top of the shelf, and its wheels are inside a groove on the floor of the wagon allowing Jamril to reach any part of the shelf he needs without needing to get off the ladder and move it. The Lab also contains a 3 ft by 1 1/2 foot counter top that is covered with built in clamps that are designed to hold the wire frame stands of beakers, flask, vials, etc. The Counter top has multiple drawers below it. The Drawers contain velvet bottoms and molded forms to fit specifically shaped tools. Well except the bottom left drawer thats for his socks. At the end of the counter top stands a masterwork Globe that spins on its tilted axis showing the movement of the known world.
In one corner hangs a gnome size Hammock Hangs about a foot from the ceiling above Jamrils Personally fitted and extremely comfortable chair. When its needed to sleep, the hammock is lowered from the ceiling by a system of pulleys and a rope. Next to his Chair is a Metalworked Stand that is used to hold any book that jamril is reading open and at eye level.
On the wall to the left of his chair sits a specially made bird perch that Rubik will sleep on.
It also contains pantries that hold basics supplies such as rations seasonings and crafting materials.
Additional 15 by 10 square foot area added as passenger space.

This was my origional description, I have changed it up a bit to make the lab space actually two stories with a spiral metal starcase leading to the second floor that is basically a 4 foot catwalk the encircles the Lab, and the bookshelves have been moved there.

Other notes
One of my inventors "Inventions"
*Ice-box Globe.
  The is a globe of the known world set in a Wooden stand with a small counter-top(bar-top) The globe spins on its axis but when tilted vertical and upon speaking the command word to globe can be opened to reveal a custom wire-frame with Several bottles of wine and Glasses. Below the Wine bottles there is a small hidden compartment designed to hold potions and rare spell components. DC 25 search check. It contains an enchantment that keeps everything inside just above freezing. Secondary enchantment shows the location of the globe on the globe itself command word activated but its a minor enchantment it wont work if we are completely lost or our location is magically hidden.

Need ideas for further customization for the wagon for a wizard/inventor/soon

This is another example of the kind of things he "Invents"

Rubik's Cube
A metal-worked 3 by 3 cube surrounding a swivel Each side has its own designate colors made of stained glass held in place by a fine metal frame. The cube can be manipulated to turn on the swivel allowing the pattern of the sides to change. To solve the cube one must return all sides to their original color. An int check DC 25 must be successfully made in order to solve the puzzle.

* The solution to the puzzle starts with one corner piece and it is the exact same repetition of rotations to solve from the starting point. Once a person has solved the cube several times and becomes familiar with the pattern needed to solve it the roll is no longer required.

Rubik is his talking parrot btw.
Also if anyone has any invention ideas Id love to hear them
I've now added a Ceiling fan to the lab/study section of the wagon that is powered by a system of pulleys and the wagons wheels.
I love the work you have put into this!  I had a couple of thoughts.

First, some sort of automatic feeding for Rubik.  I bet there is something interesting you could think of for that.

Also, the ladder could have a sort of a control console, so he could run it various places in the wagon.  That's not my favorite idea, but it did come to me. 

Finally, look for a few things that make no sense.  I assume that your gnome has a life outside of his work, (of course, he may not), if he does, you can put at least one thing in that serves him in his personal life that does not have a direct application to his work.  I think putting personal things like that in is always fun.    
Wow I can't believe i didnt think of a feeder.  That is definatly being added. as for the ladder it was actually removed because I added a second floor to the lab and its devided into two 3 1/2 foot sections allowing everything to be withing easy reach.
There are a few things  in the works the DM is actually working on a list of inventions that only work as intended some of the time, (if anyone has any ideas for a few of those please post as well.) and i've installed a case to display them. Theres also a closet for all the costumes for his traveling stage magic act. The Globe-bar is another personal downtime accessory. Actually one moment.

These are some updates, changed Ive made to them.

1: A glass door cabinet that holds many of Jamril's past inventions on display.
2: Ice-box Globe
3 Clothing Closet (replaced chest)
4. Hammock
5 Supply pantry
6 Workbench
7 Ceiling fan powered by belts,gears  and the wagon's wheels.
8: Table
10:Metalworked Perch for Rubik
11: Plush Sofa
12: Bath"Tub" Filled with water and sealed when not in use. The water is cleaned and heated with use of prestidigitation.
13 Spiral Metalworked Staircase leading to second floor.
14. Lamps powered either by use of prestidigitation or silent image.
15. "Coffee Tables"
16: not labled but three barstools around the globe itself.

As for his personal life well invention and magic is kinda his life here Ill give you an example of his roleplaying.

Behind the scenes

Jamril made a slight calibration adjustment to his design and sets the gears in motion. He could see how the small adjustment had made its effect when the “eye” functioned as intended and actually made a full blink instead of jamming halfway through, and he could see the lens focusing properly. He hadn’t always been able to focus enough to continue his work even while not sitting in his lab. He couldn’t make the actual adjustments to his prototype until he was physically present in the lab. But ever since he had started designing Rubik’s cube he’d discovered that he could work on the design itself in his mental laboratory as he had taken to call it. He thought about the first time it had happened, Rubik had been explaining an old manuscript he had seen many years ago and as the bird described the cube he began to imagine what it would look like and slowly replicated it in his head and found that he could store the design and make adjustments to it from just about anywhere. Now he was working on something a little different, he was busy creating a mechanical copy of Rubik, the model was at the moment sitting on his workbench back in the lab.
Tap, Tap, Tap. His thoughts were interrupted by a hard rapping on his skull and he knew that Rubik was trying to get his attention.

“Well go ahead and answer the man Jamril,” Rubik peered across the table at the Arcand that had set down. “I’m terribly sorry he gets like this whenever he can’t figure out a problem that he’s working on.” The vivid parrot made a sound that curiously sigh like and tapped the gnome on the head three times.
“Jamril look I know it’s important, but Galen is here,” he stated in a sympathizing voice.
Jamril blinked several times and looked around as if trying to get his bearings, noticing Galen across the table he smiled. “I’m sorry what did I miss,” he asked as he set the cube down on the table it’s six sides now all reverted to their origional color.
“He said hes happy to see a friendly face, and he wants to know what you’ve been up to and if you are here for the convo-thingy”(Wizard Convocation)
“Ah, yes I figured I might see you here. Doing well I hope, you look tired, but first things first; introductions, Galen this is Rubik,” he said indicating the parrot. “Rubik I would like you to meet Galen.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Galen,” responded the bird as bobbed his head up and down in what looked curiously like a bow.

Hes taking Effigy Master in a few levels so right now hes designing a mechanical copy of rubik that he can pull out of his hat which functions exactly like a heward's handy haversack (in that the item you're reaching in for is always at the top) but it weighs only 1.5 pounds, and can carry up to 50 pounds worth of stuff. Warning: May not always function as intended, batteries not included.
This wall mounted bird feeder contains four food bowls and a control panel with levers that Rubik can manipulate to fill with his favorite foods and water. It functions simular to an Everfull mug.

Compliments of IHeartSharn, now I just have to figure out what a Blue Macaws favorite foods are. Luckily for me my dm's sister is a parrot fanatic.

 Have you built bags of holding into the closets and cupboards so they can hold more stuff?

 Years ago, in a previous edition, I had a wagon that had a secret smuggler's hold  - the floorboards of the wagon opened up into a six-inch-deep compartment. Attached to the frame of the hold was a specially commissioned double-sized bag box of holding that allowed me to even hide a party member in there if necessary.


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I would have but Im running out of funds.  Thats in the plans for later in the campaign. The things im looking for now are low level enchantments/mechanics conbinations.