Monk question: If a power is no action, and the trigger is 'you hit something' - does it ....

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Last post off each time it triggers - or just once in a round?

Monk uses 'Spinning Leopard' (shift your speed, attack everyone you pass);

Stone Fist Flurry of Blows says 'trigger - you hit with an attack'. (it's a 'no action - at will')

That to me says, you shift 7 squares - pass 7 guys - you hit all 7; you would use Flurry of Blows on each person;  Am I wrong?

And with that in mind:

What happens if you then use Supreme Flurry? (which is you shift half your speed, and use flurry of blows again) - Does that mean I now shift 3 more squares (half of 7) and do the same thing all over again?   ie. if you have 10 guys in a row; you could hit each one with Spinning Leopard AND (if you hit) Flurry of Blows?

Since Flurry of Blows is a trigger; that's the way I'd interpet ...   Can someone make sure I read that right? 
Ok, I partly answered my own question - Flurry of Blows can only be used once per round.

So using Spinning Leopard would mean I could hit 1 of those 7 targets with Flurry of Blows; Then at the end of that attack, I would shift 3; then do damage as described in Flurry of Blows (which would mean 3 + Str Mod + 2 (for not being the original target)).


Since it is no action, I think it can be during another action.  So you essentially choose when you want to use it (after which hit).  So you could be halfway though the entire shift, and decide "hey, I am adjacent still adjacent to a minion I missed, so I'll flurry that one".  The secondary shift from Supreme flurry is not part of the shift from Spinning Leopard.  So you would not be able to make the attack from Spinning Leopard during the shift from Supreme Flurry.

Edit: In fact, since Supreme Flurry states that you finish the power that triggered Flurry before you Supreme Flurry, you would not be able to use the extra shift from Supreme flurry to Spinning Leopard two groups you didn't have the shift for. (with out supreme)

Also, you attacked (most likely) every target you were adjacent too, so every target is one who was the target of your triggering power.  So you would have to use the reduced (Primary) target damage for Stonefist Flurry.  Unless you had Starblade Flurry, or some such that increased you flurry range ... but more of a corner case.
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