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Hey uh, I haven't stopped by the WotC community for a long there still a "Marketplace" around here somewhere, one can offer to trade of buy D&D products?? I KNOW that this is not the right forum, but I cannot seem to locate any form of trading forum. anyone??
The best things I can think of are searching through the Product Catalogue, creating a thread in Previous Editions about selling or buying old products,  searching Ebay, Yahoo Shopping, or just posting a flier at your local gaming store. I don't think WoTC hosts any form of product forum.
Currently DMing a 3.5e AoW game one night a week. Players are almost through Three Faces of Evil. If you are considering beginning this campaign using this edition, I can help.
I know a lot of buy/sell/trade goes on on so I would presume the same of
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