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Dungeon 204
The Sword Collector

by Michael E. Shea

For centuries, a solitary swordwing known as the Sword Collector has traveled the Underdark acquiring marvelous blades—each one feeding the creature’s obsession, and a unique phenomenon allowing it to draw magical energy from the collection. Can the PCs claim this prized hoard, or will their own weapons end up in the Sword Collector’s vault?

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D&D in the News
Happy Birthday, E. Gary Gygax
2012 July 27
by Ethan Gilsdorf

Ernest Gary Gygax (1938-2008), co-founder of Dungeons & Dragons, would have been 74 today.

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www.gygaxmemorialfund.com/ is a dead domain.
It goes to a Godaddy website that expired on July 27th.
Viva La "what ever version of D&D you are playing right now!"