Is this a utility power?

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Hey Guys,

I'm desigining some new powers & I have a question.

Are there any utility powers that grant an ally a free basic attack?

For example, something along the lines of "Target: 1 ally, Effect: Slide the target up to 5 squares. If the target ends the slide adjacent to an enemy, the target can make a basic attack against the adjacent enemy."

Something along those lines?

If not, do you think the example above would be a utility power, or would it be better categorized as an attack power?

Thanks in advance!
You can call it whichever you want, since you're making it up.

Per the RC if a power is not specifically called an attack or a utility power, it is an attack power if it includes an attack roll or deals damage. By that definition, that'd be a utility.

That said, nearly all powers like that (with ~3 exceptions) are attack powers. Check out the Warlord, Bard, and Shaman power lists for numerous examples.

So... either one has precedent in the rules, with attack having more.
thanks! That was helpful
Worth noting that there are a few attack-granting utilities.  Climactic Chord is one such, as is Note of Aggression.  Bards, yeah.
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