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Hey y'all, was looking to get into 2HG, but all of my teammates so far have been idiots. My usual teammates have yet to buy DotP 2013, so I've just been doing 1v1. I want to have fun and be competitive, and I simply can acheive that with randos. Anyway, if anyone is interested, let me know. Also please use this thread to find partners of your own as well!
Sure, I'll give some 2HG a try. Maybe I'll get to run into the legendary Steveolutionary. Hilarity would ensue.

I Abuse Welfare
XBOX 360 GT: Shizeh
Xbox360- mrblunted92


I have a partner, but would love to play sometimes when he is not on.  gamertag extendoman
Gamertag: The Shutdown

I have one friend who I play 2HG with now, but he's not always on when I'm on, so I also need peopel to play with.

Anybody, feel free to add me too. 
@Steveolutionary: Oh thop it cutie! <3   If you ever want to ditch those zeroes and get with a hero, I'll be your 2HG life partner. I may not be 12 on the leaderboards, but I guarantee, if you look a little lower, I'm a 12 where it counts. ;)

Gamertag:  xX Alucard

I have a friend that I play 2HG with, but he's not on that much.  Would be awesome to have someone that at least has under a 70 card deck on my team

I play Crosswinds 99% of the time

Edit:  I sent f/r's to people that posted their tags so far
Add me craigJ1410
I'm down, DruBaby20 is the gt
Hi, I'm in need of another regular team mate if anyone is interested? Currently ranked at 1400. Only as I don't get enough games in. You'll come for the wins, but stay for the sick bants! Lol. Add me on Harmless Brew.
Im always looking for people to play 2HG with and practice with im ranked around 1600. GT: x Spanglish x  
Gamertag: KiggerBare
Not sure what my 2hg rank is, but i guess not that good, never had a partner, and since those i get paired up with is morrons i stopped playing 2hg and only ffa 1v1, where my rank is <100 mostly.
Ill give 2HG a try I havent really played much of it before tho
GT BerneyBell
I would offer to play but i use dream puppets, i get abuse for it and i CBA listening to whiners.
@ocal I'm down to play with you honestly I don't care what deck people play with as long as they don't use 75 plus cards also as long as u don't have all 3 dreamborn muses and mill me out at the same time hahaha
Can we do a tournament that is not on the weekends? Like an evening thing? I actually go to FNM and real magic tournaments on Saturday. I mean a Sunday tournament would be great but I can't do them on Fri/Sat Anyone else want to start one for dif times? I'd love to be in it.
Toss me an add, I'd love to get in on some 2HG: Farfromlosn

All of my deck builds are build off of Mr.ChickenStrips here, but he probably plays them...and the math of the game...better than I.

I'm 35, and MTGO DOTP are a hobby / fun for me.  I'm not a hardcore Magic player. 
Feel free to add me on 360.  I mostly play on PS3 and only have a few decks fully unlocked, but I'm always down for some 2HG with competent partners.  Gamertag is Midguy
Looking for any Aussie time zone players. Gamer tag: KARnage303
Run competitive 60/61 card decks with all decks unlocked bar Jace. Cheers
captain gerbil8

just send me a message so i dont think its mw2 spam ><
I just bought it for xbox, since i have been playing on my ps3, so i still have to unlock the decks, but feel free to add me if you guys want.  i also dont play with more than 64 cards in my decks. usually 60 or 61 depending on the deck.  Like everyone said, it is hard to find people who use a normal size deck and some one who actually plays well.  Gamertag is : eaglenitewillow
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