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Starting a few weeks ago I have participated in five events at which my DCI number was noted. At the first of these event my DCI number was created and that same night I activated the account using the provided code. However, none of the events show up in my match history and consequently I am still at 0 Planeswalker Points. I realise these points aren't really useful, but I'd still like to know why they aren't showing up.

Is there anything I have forgotten to do?

Thanks in advance.
It's possible the shop hasn't reported yet. Or there could be an issue with the system. (I've been saying for a while now that when it comes to anything electronic WotC couldn't find its own ass using both hands and a map.) I'd ask the shop if the reported yet, and if there's still a problem, contact customer service.

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Yeah, I'd ask the shop if they've reported the results yet. I've definitely participated in tournaments at obscure stores that didn't show up for months.
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One time our store owner got lazy and didn't send in results for like a month. Finally when a handful of people noted that none of our points were changing he sent them all in and we had a lot more points. He's good about sending in the results now, but some stores aren't so adamant about it.

The best thing to do is ask the owner if/when he sends in the results of his tournaments.
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Well, the reason I thought it was something at Wizard's side is that I've played at two different stores, one of which is also a store that organises GPT's and stuff. I'll definitely ask when I get there again
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