Dungeon Command - "Within 5 Squares"

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Do I need line of sight for Web, Fireball, etc. or can I throw the stuff behind a wall if it is "within 5 squares"?
thank you 
You need LOS to the target square.
Thank you
Remember that Dungeon Command, much like 4E itself, is an exception-based game.  So, the specific cards override the general rules.

The general rules state that you need LOS when targeting something.  Since the card doesn't say that you don't need LOS, the general rule stands, and you have to be able to see your target square. 
What about the deployment of spiders by a Drow Priestess...does that require LoS? You're not targeting something I guess, so I imagine you could deploy them on the other side of a wall, but not entirely sure.

Everything that says "within" and doesn't specifically say otherwise requires LOS.  I don't see why that ability would be different.
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