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Ok, so im a born again magic player, which i see is happening a lot lately. i used to play back about 10-12 years ago and i just got back into it. what im tryin to do is build a good blue black control deck, bare with me im still gettin back into the swing of things. i want my deck to fair well against all types of decks/threats.

Please give me any and all positive suggestions. i might as well say this now, i know snap caster mage is going to be reccomended, i will prob get it eventually but as of now i dont wanna spend the money on it, quite yet.

so here is my deck:

Lands (22) 10/swamp 12/islands

Instants (17)

4 murders 2 mana leak 3 disspate 3 psychic barrier 4 unsummon 1 tragic slip

Enchant/Sorcery (7)
4 crippling blight 1 tricks of the trade 1 Encrust 1 Duress     

Creatures (14)
4  Vampire Nighthawk    2 Frost titans 1 Avatar of Woe     2 Delver of Secrets 2 Servant of Nefarox 1 Duty bound dead 1 Harbor Bandit 1 Mortis Dogs   

*Ok, now i know this needs a lot of work, and i have already ordered a bunch of cards to help this deck.
Mailing to my house as you read this is:

Grave Titan x1 Delver of secrets x2 Mana Leak x2 Dissipate x1 Think twice x2 Visions of beyond x2 Tragic Slip x1 Halimar Depths x2

Also i was thinking of maybe adding Dark Ritual (i have 3 of them) to help boost the Nighthawk, and give me more life with the life link. while making him able to kill more creatures that try and chump block him. also disentomb x1 for rising grave titan.
As of now im cutting down to 10 creatures prob 4 nighthawks, 4 delvers, 1 frost and 1 grave titan. then trading psychic barrier for 2 mana leaks, adding another tragic slip and dissipate switching 2 islands for 2 halimar depths for deck manipulation, adding think twice and visions of beyond so i can keep my in hand card count high.

My goal with this deck is to be able to counter major threats they throw at me, while stabbing at them early with nighthawk and delver NH (gaining me life as well is a perk) then if it drags out to endgame which most control games do, i have the heavy hitting titans to bomb em. i have the murders, tragic slip, unsummon and crippling for removal, i see doom blades used more. im guessing cuz they are cheaper?

I want all the cards in this deck to be legal in "modern" play 

i obviously need help. i HOPE many many many ppl will comment and suggest things to help me. i dont really plan on spending a ton of money, but i will spend some.
@catowner: thanks...:I could use some help, please.
That would be funny, if it weren't so sad

ok, so i have made some BIG changes to my deck.  
Current deck list:

Doom blade x4 Murder x4 Durress x3 Think Twice x2 Black Sun Zenith x2 Blue Sun Zenith x1 Tragic Slip x4 Mana Leak x4 Dissipate x4 Rewind x2

Delver of Secrets x4 Frost Titan x2 Grave Titan x2 Sphinx of Uthuun x2

Island x9 Swamp x 7 Evolving Winds x2 Halimar Depths x4 
i Need to remove two cards, what do you guys suggest and what do  you think of the improvements to the deck?
Largest problem with control is the early game since may of the powerhouse early control cards are banned
That being said your black cards probubly help with that quite a bit

btw [ c ] and [ /c] before and after to get cards to appire no spaces
how is your deck going? you inspired me quite a bit for my deck so answer me if your still working on it or something
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