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Just looking for clarification on 'Sense Threat'; frankly it's worded poorly in the character generator and in the compendium.

"When you roll initiative, you can make a Perception check and use its result for your initiative check."  That to me says "when you roll one, you can roll the other and use the one you want...

But, on the generated character sheet, it says "You can roll a perception check for your initiative checks" - That's a completely different concept.  That says you decide which one you want, and roll that one.

I'm guessing that's correct - and it actually should read something more like "Before you roll initiative, you can instead make a Perception check and use its result for your initiative check."

Or is it "roll both, chose the one you want..."

You can roll Perception in place of Initiative.
That's what I thought - thanks for clarifying! 

And it is important, because some things apply to perception checks and others to initiative checks. And then there are possibilities to get a bonus to initiative instead of initiative checks.

So a bonus to initiative would help, a bonus to initiative checks won't.


How about the +2 racial bonus that allies get from Sense Threat if they have a lower initiative than yours.  Does that mean if they roll lower than my initiative, then they get the bonus?  Or does it mean if they have a lower initiative bonus than mine, they get the bonus?

My LFR group has been playing it as "Allies get the +2 racial bonus unless they initiative bonus is higher than my perception score" (which is rare.)  And the only reason we started doing that is because it's how we had to handle it on the virtual table, since it was time consuming to ask the DM to go through and modify each of my allies' initiative scores after the roll.
The feature only mentions initiative, which is the result after rolling it.

Your houserule is fast, but doesn't take into account, that the Elf could have a bad roll and actually be lowest in initiative, where his allies would not get the bonus.


When your DM says "Roll initiative!" then you pick up your d20 and roll it.

Everyone else adds their initiative modifier to that d20 roll.  You add your Perception check modifier.  The results are "initiative."  If theirs are lower than yours, then they get a +2.

You only roll one d20.  (Unless you have Danger Sense, or whatever)
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