Wish list: A REAL, full on D&D Animated Series Handbook

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The Animated Series Handbook was a small book inserted as an extra in the Special Edition of the "Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Animated Series".  It contained stats for the protagonists of the series, stats for their magic weapons, and a couple of villains, as well as a short adventure.

Unfortunately, it's out of print and rare now.  What I would LOVE to see would be a REAL source book covering everything from the animated series from all the characters involved, updated stats for the heroes and their weapons, the villains, and locations.  Heck.  It would be really neat to just put out a campaign setting for that world.  It had a LOT of interesting looking areas.  I'm sure that more people than me would love to have this as a resource.  It shouldn't be allowed to just exist as a rare little DVD insert.  It's Dungeons & Dragons!