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Hello All,

Im looking to get back into D&D after i was invited to play with some firends at work, much to my suprise my wife also wanted to play and now i she wants to be more active then the group from work so i was wondering how would i go abought setting up some D&D fun for my wife and I. Im looking for a fun campain that i can use as a base as well as anything i should know abought DMing for a small group. Any questions just ask.

You would get better luck in General.

However, find out which class she wants, and then make the sheet for her.  Make the power cards.  That way all she needs to do is show up.
I have the Chars all set up all we gata do is pick a party to use and a campaign. Ill re-post in general thanks for the advice! 


I've just started a "solo" campaign (one to one) with a friend of mine. 

The great thing to do is to create a basic dungeon delve + downtime concrete adventure to get confident with mechanics. 

The player should create a LEADER, imho (a Cleric or a Bard would work great): then, let her play 2 companion characters (no roleplayin', just combat features, YOu roleplay 'em). You can find the rules to create one in the DMG2. 

It's the ultimate solution to cover up roles and have lots of fun. Companion characters are a simplier version of regular characters and they're very simple to play out. 

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