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Alright, this one is a rather obscure question, so I'm going to use specific examples to reflect my thoughts as well as I possibly can.  Please correct me wherever I make a false assumption.

I am going to be playing a Githzerai Artificer (neither race nor class granting power points).

In epic tier, there is a feat called Boundless Entusiasm (Psionic Power page 139) with only one prerequisite: 21st level.  RAW it says "Benefit: The first time you score a critical hit during an encounter, you regain 2 power points."

Assuming my Githzerai Artificer never takes any other feats or powers or any such thing that would grant power points, would this feat be capable of granting him 2 power points, which could then be used to augment magical items, or other such things, or would it simply do nothing, as he has no natural source of power points?

Also, if it does grant him the power points, would they disappear during a rest, or would they stay as the RAW for power points states "You regain all your power points when you take a short or extended rest" (PHB3 page 23, and any other page that describes the Psionic Augmentation feature), which implies to me that it does not reduce the number of power points you have, it simply returns all that you have expended?

Another use for the power points for a non-psychic Githzerai could be the feat Iron Resolve of Zerthadlun (PHB3 page 181), which has only the prerequisite of "Githzerai" and has the benefit "When you have at least 1 power point, you gain a +2 feat bonus to saving throws."

Thank you ahead of time to anyone who helps me answer this question. 
You cannot regain something you don't have in the first place so Boundless Enthusiasm doesn't do much for an Artificier since it lacks Power Points, unless you have a Theme or a magic item that gives you Power Points for exemple, such as the Noble Adept Theme or a Manifester Weapon.
Or the new theme from the Dungeon Survival Guide "Escaped Thrall", which gives you 1 power point, and powers to use power points, and the Psionic Awakening feat (which is a MC feat for Psion, Ardent, or Battlemind, and gives you 1 power point.) 

Ultimately, of course, your DM has the final word.

But, if I was DMing this character, I would say that...

1. The Boundless Enthusiam feat would grant you the 2 power points.

Just like everything else, though, you would be limited to spending your power points on augmentable powers or augmentable items or other things with the Augment keyword.

2. As for the Iron Resolve of Zerthadlun, I would allow the synergy to work.

3. Finally, "You regain all your power points when you take a short or extended rest" (PHB3 page 23), I would read this as saying "restore your power points to their max," in the same way that a character's hit points are restored to max in an extended rest.

In your case, your power points would be restored from 2 to 0, since your normal power point max is 0.

Personally, if you are using these feats to fulfill a character concept, I think this is a great idea. (A psychic clock maker? how cool!)

However, if you're trying to tweek your character's stats a bit for better defense or something, I'd say there are more effective ways to do it.

Thank you for your responses.  It wasn't really a thing I was planning on doing for my char, so much as it was me looking at the RAW for a feat that would either be useful in a utilitarian sense (getting Power Points on a non-psychic so I can use augmentable weapons or activate other augmentable things) or be totally useless (a feat that literally does nothing if you don't already have a source of Power Points, but you can still take it so long as you're a githzerai) and trying to figure out the better interpretation for it.
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