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I'm looking for a new deck to play in Standard. I usually don't go mon W but I think the current resources we have for it makes it viable.

What I mean by semi exalted is that I have Exalted creatures in here but it's not the primary foucus of the deck.

Deck's goal should be obvious. Play my cheap yet effecient cratures and attack with them.

I know that there are some people who don't use Elite Inquisitor in their WW aggro deck but I think he is very relavant now. He has protection from Zombies which just so happens to be a deck right now. The other big aggro deck right now is G/R. He has first strike and has 2 power so he can always win against strangleroot geist with or without a +1/+1 counter. He has protection from werewolves which is the card type of one of their win cons. And on top of all of this he has vigilance so I can usally attack with him against other aggro decks w/o worrying about not having blockers.

I am having problems choosing between running 3 Bladeholds and 2 Sublimes vs. 3 Sublimes and 2 Bladeholds. Both have their pros and cons.

Since you aren't focusing on Exalted, I would use Champion of the Parish instead of War Falcon. You are running lots of Humans, so he is sure to get buffed. I also think Knight of Glory is a better 2-drop than Aven Squire. Sure Squire has flying, but Glory has Pro-Black, which is more relevant.
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