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Hey guys. I'm new here and relatively new to Magic (less than a year) but I recently started building a vampire deck (with the Vampire Onslaught event deck as a base) and I have it to a spot where I really like it, but I do have 2 spots and I'm having trouble picking something to fill it with. The current list is as follows

Creatures x25 :
Vampire Lacerator x4
Blood Seeker x4
Bloodghast x4
Bloodthrone Vampire x4
Kalastria Highborn x1
Vampire Hexmage x2
Vampire Nighthawk x4
Malakir Bloodwitch x1
Kalitas, Bloodcheif of Ghet x1

Spells x9 :
Blade of the Bloodcheif x2
Bloodcheif Ascension x1
Feast of Blood x1
Sign in Blood x2
Exquisite Blood x1
Sanguine Bond x1
Sorin Markov x1

Lands x24 :
Swamp x23
Verdant Catacombs x1

Akoum Refuge x4
Curse of Stalked Prey x1
Curse of Bloodletting x1
Markov Warlord x2
Fireball x2
Skinrender x4
Dark Impostor x1

Now as to my last two main deck spots. Ideally I'd like to fill it with Go for the Throats, Doom Blades, Tribute to Hungers, or Dismembers. But I cannot decide, though I'm leaning toward Tribute to hunger as it does Trigger my Bloodcheif Blades and Exquisite Blood/Sanguine Bond combo.

And in lieu of all this please tell me what you think; any critiques/tips are very welcome.
You have a lot of decent cards listed but I think there are a few flaws here.  First off I feel you could definitely use some more burn.  I would take out some cards like the 1 of Feast of Blood, and even the 1 Kalitas and Kalastria Highborn.  They are kind of weird fits based on the numbers of the other cards you have.  You need Go for the Throats and/or Doom Blades.  They are the most efficient burn this deck can use.  Also in your sideboard I noticed you have a fair amount of Red cards - but you have no red mana!  That won't do.  Also cards like Markov Warlord are not good at all in constructed (limited mayhaps, but for constructed like this it is too expensive mana wise).  I would put Dismembers in the sideboard for sure.  I would look into some other Vampire lords like Bloodline Keeper or Vampire Nocturnus since you are pretty much running a mono black Vamp deck.  Also [C]Guul Draz Vampire[/C] would be a good fit with cards like Bloodghast and Vampire Lacerator.  Also the 1 of Verdant Catacombs doesn't make much sense to me either.  

Now if you want to splash some red in this deck and go dual colors, you could add some cards like [C]Stromkirk Noble[/C] and [C]Stromkirk Captain[/C], or even [C]Rakish Heir[/C].  

Sorry I threw a lot in this one post, but I hope some of this helps!

EDIT: Sorry I didn't auto card everything, but I think I autocarded anything that wasn't already here in the previous post.  
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