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Goblin Barbarian

So my friends and I are gearing up for a new campaign soon, we will be stepping into the role of an all goblin party.  (no relation to the 'We be Goblins' pathfinder module) This will be in a homebrewed setting not of our creation, so none of us are all too familiar with it.

So far we have a Goblin Barbarian (myself), a Goblin Rogue, and a Goblin Druid.  We expect another 2-3 players before we're done. (3.5 Rules)

In this setting, all of the goblinoid races except the goblins themselves have been hunted to extinction by Kobolds.  The primary races of the region are Dueregar, Humans, Elves, and Goblins.  Goblins have established an uneasy friendship with the humans of the area, and the goblins have even begun to imitate some of the cultural customs.

Also keep in mind that this campaign will take place mostly in the frozen north.

So I guess my question is this;

Can anybody help me think of any good hooks for this type of character?

I'd like to play up the goblin-ness of the character, and how that differentiates itself from a tradional Barbarian.

I.e. He isn't a muscle-bound conan the barbarian, instead he's a 3 foot tall angry bastard. (Tyrion Lannister?)

Any ideas?