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Since I have loads of DDM figures, and sets of all of the Power Cards as well as CR, WoA and LoD, the thought is to combine all of this to play the board games "to higher levels".  With the release of Dungeon Command I see more options in the way.

Anyone tried this? or have any ideas on how to do this?


Each Dungeon Command faction box has Monster Cards which can be shuffled through the Monster Decks of any of the Adventure Game System games. Heart of Cormyr also has quite a few allies and an Encounter Card that let's you draw and use an ally. As for other compatibility, there is none so far officially, although you could of course make up your own house rules.

Writing your own adventures in the style of the Adventure Books that come with any Adventure Game System would be the easiest to do on your own I guess. With the Sting of Lolth faction pack you've got a bunch of more Drow and Spider monsters, so something Underdark related with a Monster Deck consisting mostly of Drow and Spiders would be fun probably.
So wait you CAN use Dungeon Command models in a game of say Ravenloft or Drizzt?
So wait you CAN use Dungeon Command models in a game of say Ravenloft or Drizzt?


Which is to say "Yes."

Sting of Lolth gives you monster-card versions of all its creatures; Heart of Cormyr gives you a mix of monsters and allies. Both sets also have encounter cards (although it's possible Cormyr's only encounter card is the one that lets you draw an ally -- I don't recall off the top of my head).
The Heroes of Cormyr set is really usegul for and Adventure System scenario your group finds to be too punishing for them. When you deploey the Elven Archer or Dwarven Defender allies in Adventure System, you actually bring out both figures of each in the board. Getting backup from two archers or two defenders is one heck of an equalizer in some of the tougher scenarios... especially if they are around to help out in a boss fight.
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