7/25/2012 UR: "Threadbare"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Uncharted Realms, which goes live Wednesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

And I'm hell to be around when I have a guilty conscience.

Oh yes.  No doubt about that.
Beautiful. Loved it, especially the subtle interweaving of a half-dozen combos into the tragic search for meaning.
Hmm sounds like the potential plot to Ted 2 to me!
Kind of too short, compared to previous weeks, but I found it interesting and cute (how it narrated from the dolls POV).


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surely one can't say complex conditional passive language is bad grammar ?
This was awesome and amazing and everything else at the same time. Want MOAR
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Good story.  Short, but good.
Absolutely fantastic. I love that we're getting to see some individual cards and their stories. Man, now I'm going to feel guilty every time I use Stuffy Doll. That's... horribly awesome.

Well done, Jenna. Another success.
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Well done Jenna, again! Your column is the best!
And I'm hell to be around when I have a guilty conscience.

Oh yes.  No doubt about that.

I have to admit, that's got to be the most hilarious infinite combo ever.

Also, didn't know there was still nudity on cards in Scourge.
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Clever deduction Watson! Maybe you can explain why Supergirl is trying to kill me.
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I wonder why the doll's story is so eloquently spoken.
At first, I thought this was from the perspective of the Stuffy Doll magic card and was going really meta on us.
I wonder why the doll's story is so eloquently spoken.

He's a really old doll. He's probably picked up some language on his escapades.
Another great story Jenna.  Wednesday's are becoming one of my favorite days on this site.

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All I'm saying is, I don't really see how she goes around petrifying swords and boots and especially mirrors. How the heck does she beat a Panoptic Mirror? It makes no sense for artifacts either. Or enchantments, for that matter. "Well, you see, Jimmy cast this spell to flood the mountain, but then the gorgon just looked at the water really hard and it went away."

Highly amusing. Very silly.

At first it was somewhat jarring to find specific card names woven into the narrative, but on second thought I think it works fine. You wouldn't want it in a more serious piece, but in a whimsical one like this, it just adds to the amusement, in the same way as the easter egg in Valleymaker's flavour text does.

I miss you Doug!
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