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I need ideas for a good to great multiplayer deck (3 or 4 players). This deck we be mostly for casual multiplayer games. I mostly have Fallen Empires to 9th Edition cards (mostly Common and Uncommon), some Avacyn Restored and 13th Edition (Intro Packs and a few boosters).

Opponents have several different kinds of decks each. Mostly older cards like I use but they have more rare cards, than I.

Thank You, for all the help you can give me.

Goodbye 4 Now, Baloden (Terry Halderman)


I've always been a fan of Pestilence + Withering Wisp decks. Throw in Stuffy Doll (now reprinted in M13), Phylactery Lich (also in M13) and say Darksteel Myr and you can have a scary deck. Here's a sample decklist:
Pestilence-based Control

One of the most important aspects of a Pestilence deck is that you need to do most of your work pre-Pest. You really don't have much time to do stuff afterward. The goal of this deck will be to play some sort of early, indestructible creature (either the Myr or the Lich) and from there you'll just play some Pest variant and tap out until you win. Now, Phylactery Lich is kind of awkward card. He demands that we have a lot of good targets to put his counter on. That's why the deck has Darksteel Myr, Darksteel Pendant, Darksteel Axe and Vault of Whispers as early artifacts. I don't consider Darksteel Citadel to be a viable option since we need way too much Black mana in this deck.

Darksteel Pendant isn't useless by the way. The filtering isn't massive, but it isn't "nothing" either. It helps you smooth your draws a bit in the early stages of the game, which is exactly what this deck needs. Obviously we're using it for the Lich moreso than anything else, but hey!

Simulacrum is here since it can act as a Darkness, heal your Pest damage for the turn, and just becomes nutty with Stuffy Doll. Activate pest for 5, Simulacrum your Doll for 5 to deal ANOTHER 5 to the enemy player and heal 5 yourself. It also makes attacking in to your Stuffy Doll stupidly hard. Think about "no blocks, Simulacrum, redirect to the Doll, you take 12" scenarios.

I love Tortured Existence. You could always build a deck based around it. Here are some examples:
Tortured Existence-based Control

[deck=Kevorkian Control]
20x Swamp
4x Leechridden Swamp

3x Skirsdag High Priest
2x Gatekeeper of Malakir
4x Vampire Nighthawk
2x Fleshbag Marauder
1x Stinkweed Imp
4x Krovikan Horror
3x Abyssal Persecutor
1x Graveborn Muse
4x Shriekmaw
1x Puppeteer Clique

4x Tortured Existence
2x Grafted Wargear
2x Bonehoard
4x Syphon Mind
[/deck]This is supposed to be a very fun Control deck to pilot in creature heavy metas. The basic goal of the deck is to assemble Tortured Existence, Krovikan Horror and Shriekmaw. From there you can cast Tortured Existence, kill something with Shriekmaw, discard Krovikan Horror to return Shriekmaw, Evoke Shriekmaw so that it's now directly above Krovikan Horror and repeat. Stinkweed Imp acts as virtual Krovikan Horrors who can dig you further into your deck for more bodies if needed. The equipment are nice since they give your deck a bit of power and abuse the various sacrifice mechanics at work in the deck. The other creatures are mostly there to protect you and to slap people around. Abyssal Persecutor delivers a real beating and this deck has about 100 ways to kill him. Puppeteer Clique hangs around to act as a beater and graveyard hate, and should usually finds way to push damage through. Skirsdag High Priest is just a total beating, and should produce Demons out the wazoo.

If you're looking to modify the deck, there are a few cards to consider. Avatar of Woe is slightly more budget friendly than Abyssal Persecutor is and can still do a lot of work for the deck. If you wanted to save some money, that's an easy swap. Conversely, if you're maybe looking to juice it up a bit, you could always consider adding Grave Pact to the list. It would keep the board pretty damn clear at all time. Necroplasm can certainly be a consideration as well, primarily in metas dominated by token decks.

[spoiler=Veilborn Aggro]
[deck=Veil-Cursed Disciples]
16x Swamp
4x Darksteel Citadel
4x Leechridden Swamp

4x Hunted Horror
4x Phylactery Lich
2x Dusk Urchins
2x Vampire Nighthawk
3x Fleshbag Marauder
2x Disciple of Bolas
2x Abyssal Persecutor
4x Veilborn Ghoul
2x Xathrid Demon

3x Tortured Existence
4x Darksteel Axe
2x Journeyer's Kite
2x Loxodon Warhammer
This deck seeks to abuse the interaction between Veilborn Ghoul and Tortured Existence in addition to putting out a ton of early-game pressure in the form of massive creatures. The artifacts were chosen to support Phylactery Lich, and I strongly urge that players consider using Vault of Whispers over Darksteel Citadel if their meta is light on artifact removal. Disciple of Bolas is a walking card advantage engine that helps to keep your life total nice and high, and can also axe your Abyssal Persecutors if need be. The equipment are there to force people to trade with your creatures so that you can keep recurring them, but also help boost your life total to avoid getting run over later on. Fleshbag Marauder does a lot of work once you get your Tortured Existence engine online and should be able to keep the field relatively clear. Xathrid Demon is the go-to finisher since he puts all of these high-power creatures to good use and has a global presence on the game. Hunted Horror is a meta call and should only be used "if he'll work." That is, the card is terrible if you're just going to get in a fight with the guy who gets the 2 beasts, but is AWESOME otherwise. 2 mana 13 power? Yeah, I'll take that thanks. I've seen this card outright kill players enough times to justify keeping them in.

Red burn decks can be quite fun to play. The basic idea is to load the deck up with AOE spells such as Earthquake, Fault LineMolten Disaster etc. and then support them with powerful fliers. Blue has a lot of very good fliers, so it could even be a UR deck of sorts. Sphinxes, dragons, Chandra's Spitfire (and yes, Spitfire is GODLY with any AOE burn spell), that kind of stuff. Blue also gives you access to Rhystic Study to ensure that you'll draw a ton of cards. Black works well too, so the deck could be RB or UR, or even UBR for that matter.

Green goodstuffs is always fun. I love ramping out a Lurking Predators and pairing it with Cream of the Crop. Forgotten Ancient, Dirtcowl Wurm, Multani, Maro-Sorcerer, Spearbreaker Behemoth, Tornado Elementa, Woodfall Primus, Genesis, Gaea's Revenge, Soul of the Harvest and much more can all follow shortly after.

Black drain decks are amazing, mostly because Exsanguinate is just dumb. Blood Tithe, Syphon Soul and Bond of Agony all make finishing people off a breeze. Pair them with good draw, such as Necropotence, and you have one scary deck.

I also like playing Killing Wave based drain decks that use Falkenrath Noble and Blood Artist among other creatures. Blistergrub, Soulcage Fiend, Howling Banshee, Xathrid Demon, etc. Mix with solid drain and draw and you have one beastly deck.

Oh, green can also have fun token decks. Awakening is just stupid, so I pair it with Sprout Swarm, Wurmcalling, Kazandu Tuskcaller, Ant Queen, Imperious Perfect and like Beastmaster Ascension. You basically just make a million tokens that are all 6/6s or bigger and crush people. The deck has tons of resilience and inevitability, especially if you add draw such as Skullclamp, Fecundity, Soul of the Harvest, etc. The deck can even be Green White, since White has tons of awesome token producers as well. It also has cool cards such as Hour of Reckoning and Martial Coup.

Green ramp is also awesome. But like, I mean like Scapeshift ramp that gets 4x Cloudpost and 1x Eye of Ugin into play and starts to play Eldrazi, Darksteel Colossus, Sundering Titan and Wurmcoil Engines every turn. You just use Crop Rotation, Expedition Map and like Reap and Sow to get any land (always grabbing a Cloudpost) and then just go to town with massive, colorless beaters.

Oh, there's also RG goodstuffs that you could play. Taurean Mauler, Forgotten Ancient, Dragon Broodmother, Verdant Force,  Dragonlair Spider, Predatory Advantage, etc. Just awesome multiplayer cards basically.

Bant Hunting Grounds could be fun. Harrow and Fact or Fiction fill your GY and trigger Threshold, Rhystic Study draw you a ton of cards, and then you just slam creatures into play all game long. This is where you want to use creatures with activated abilties since you can spend your mana on those rather than paying for creatures. Ursapine comes to mind as a potential creature for example.

Still, it would probably help if you could give me a bit of direction. Do you like creatures? Do you like Control decks? What colors do you like? Etc. I don't know about other people, but Fallen Empires-9th doesn't mean much to me either. I have no idea what sets those are, what you might have, etc. I mean it's obvious that the bulk of your collection will be commons and uncommons, that's true for just about everyone, but those aren't going to be your "build around mes."
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I'm liking the looks of your Pestilence-based Control. Looks pretty solid and consistent, and has a lot of bang per capita of effort.

It's very linear and fairly consistent if nothing else. you know what you're getting in to and the deck doesn't exactly come out of nothwhere to surprise you or anything.
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