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First, I'm from the UK. And that's the cause of the problem.

My actual problem is that I'm DM, but stuck for resources. I'm looking for anyone who knows any good UK websites that sell gaming supplies at a fair price. It's even the simple things like Gaming Paper, big rolls of graph paper, polystyrene, good paint etc.

I've tried ordering from the US. But first it takes forever, costs quite a bit in shipping, but mainly it's like roullette with the UK border agency, who can't decide what is taxable and what isn't, so hold it until they do. 

There's only so long that you can handle drawing one inch sqaures on wallpaper lining for. 
I wish I could help, but I'm from the 'States.

Perhaps try

I'm rather surprised it's not easier than it seems to be from your description to find a gaming store nearby - I always got the feeling that Warhammer and that sort of thing were fairly popular among gamers in the UK, and I would have assumed that anyplace that caters to that hobby would also carry at least a basic selection of RPG stuff. 

Sounds like you're having even more trouble tracking stuff down in the UK that I had in the rural U.S.!  Thanks to the Internet, I could find anything I wanted in the comfort of my own home, but it wasn't always that way.  While growing up in Ohio in the 1970's and 1980's, RPG miniatures, books, and dice could be found locally in the sorts of shops that sold model trains, wargame miniatures, and that sort of thing.  In Kentucky through the 1990's and 2000's, it was local comic book stores.  In Maryland, I can find stuff in book stores.  You might try book stores, comic stores, and hobby stores in your area, and see if maybe they have anything useful there.

Good luck in any case!

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Rather than gaming Paper what about the flip chart paper with a 1" grid (no too expensive at an Office Supply store)?  IIRC that is what Chris Perkins uses to set up his dungeons (but then again he likes to draw).

If you can afford to print there are lots of free PDF files of dungeon terrain that have a 1" grid


I am a UK dm. I use dungeon tiles a lot at the mo. They are easy to get hold of on line and great to use. I also use lots of models, some games workshop others reaper etc. As far as paints go gw have everything you need, they have shops all over the UK(nearly every city if not all) and also have free delivery online as long as you spend a tenner.

Sure there are less options in England but to say there are none is just not the case.
Thanks for your replies I'll keep mine short.

Amazon's good, but not for specialised specifics when your not 100% sure what your looking for.
Anything in inches bigger than A4 is a nusiance to get because UK use metric.
And I live in Scotland ;). Closest city 50 miles. I've always found GW to be too expensive. Not good value. As in £1 per plastic model and the paint is pretty bad.

I think I'll just keep posting in forums and get a collections of brands, items & more general websites that are really good value.
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