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Welcome to Newo Lendh - a Shared Campaign World - so that those sharing it will be able to develop it as a shared thing and work with each other to develop it further. 

The Big picture here will allow you to develop regions as you go. There are majpor communities marked on the map - They have no names. There are some regions with borders (marked in red) - they do have names.

Places like:
The Divinarchy: a Police State in which diviners watch everything you do and know all your secrets.
The City States: On the far southern coast over the mountains, they are little more than armed camps surrounded by lawless wilderness.
The Peoples Republic: A genuine Communist Regime in conflict with the Adjacent Republic over a vast territorial claim.

These places need development- and by sharing with one another in a common pool you will develop the setting.

Better Newo Lendh Map:
The Citadel Megadungeon:

Where'd you get the map? Did you make it yourself, or did you use a random hex generator somewhere?
Besides names, do you have any details made out at all yet?  Flesh one out so we can see how detailed you want something.
Newo Lendh Q&A

  1. I created theMap Myself using MS Word (Knowing how to use the Draw Functions in Word will open new levels of Mapping for you).

  2. The Idea is I create the Map - and maybe post some info on my own campaign as it develops - anyone else wishing to adventure in the setting would do the same and the setting would build...eventually the information you create for this would build fit into the equivelent of a Gazetteer.

The Layout of a Gazetteer
Part 1: The Players Guide

  • Introduction

  • History of the Region as PCs Know it

  • Creating Characters

  • Special Rules

Part 2; The Dungeon Masters Guide

  • Introduction

  • History as the Immortals Know it

  • Geography

  • Society

  • Races

  • Social Standing

  • Religion

  • Societies and Organization

  • Language

  • Currency and Trade

  • Governance

  • Crime and Punishment

  • Relations with Other Nations

  • Military

  • Monsters

  • Artefacts, Treasures and Hidden Places

  • Adventures

  • Appendix A: Cartography


The Citadel Megadungeon:
This map is america turned sideways guys.. lol
This map is america turned sideways guys.. lol

Post-Apocalyptic magical 'merrca?  Sounds like Ralph Bahkshi's Wizards

An undead spectre occasionally returning to remind the fandom of its grim existence.



Some good pointers for the fellow hobbyist!:

This map is america turned sideways guys.. lol

What can I say...All the best D&D settings have North America as a continent. Besides! Do you know how annoying and time consuming it was to hex map north america? It took three solid hours of real work. Now it has all the Successionist Movements borders marked in.
The Citadel Megadungeon:
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