Dungeon 204 - The Ecology of the Swordwing

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Dungeon 204
The Ecology of the Swordwing

by Tim Eagon

Among the most bizarre denizens of the deep Underdark are an extremely powerful—and utterly evil—race of winged, insectlike humanoids that other races refer to as swordwings, because each one has an arm ending in an appendage that resembles a scimitar. They build extensive hives in the Deeps, the most dangerous and least accessible region of the Underdark.

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Cool article Tim,  Sowrding are badass!  I also liked that an update of related monsters was included  Good job sir good job

PS Thanks for the Epic Support!
Thanks.  I've liked the swordwings at a conceptual and artistic level since they were first introduced in a MM preview back in 2008, so it was cool to get to explore them a little more.  I'm also glad that WotC updated the statblocks from Underdark as I only proposed and converted the MM ones (it's good, because I think a battle against a queen warrants lots and lots of cutters at the very least).
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