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I am positive this doesn't work, but my friend would like clarification so..

If I cast increasing vengeance from my graveyard copying anything- a krenko's command for instance, and then cast reverberate copying the increasing vengeance how many copies of Krenko's command will I get?

I am sure since reverberate Is only copying increasing vengeance and not casting it at all, much less from the graveyard, I'm creating a redundant situation where I am copying a spell that copies another spell and not copying a spell that will net me two more copies of another spell (like Krenko's command). Am
I right?
You're correct.

Reverberate will make a copy of increasing vengeance.  When the copy resolves it will see that it is not cast from the graveyard (like you said, it wasn't cast at all) so if it targets Kernko's command it only give you one copy.

1 Krenko's command
2 copies of krenko's command from the original increasing vengeance
1 copy of krenko's command created by the copy of increasig vengeance created by reverberate

4 Krenko's commands
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you will get a total of 4 of the original spell
1 original
2 from the flashbacked vengeance
1 from the copy vengeance
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You are right. If you copy Increasing Vengeance, you did not cast it from your graveyead, so you do not get the extra effect.

Two Goblins from Reverberate copying Increasing Vengeance, which then copies Krenko's Command.
Four Goblins from Increasing Vengeance copying Krenko's Command twice.
Two Goblins from Krenko's Command.
And what about the other way around?

 1 Krenko's command
 2 Increasing Vengeance from the hand
 3 Reverberate from the graveyard with flashback through snapcaster or Past in flames copying the vengeance

How many copies then?
still just 4
it doesn't matter how the Reverberate is cast, the copy of Increasing Vengeance is still not cast (much less cast from the graveyard)
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Aren't just three then? as the vengeance is cast from the hand it will give only 1 copy and reverberate is copying increase and will copy 1 time isn't? even if reverberate is casted from the graveyard

Yes, it's just 3. I think Enigma missed that Vengeance was cast from the hand in the latest question.
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