2 guys looking for group ever other week 3.5/or 4th

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We know 3.5 but willing to learn 4th
would like to start 7pm- when never Eastern standard time
have vent or Skype... and new to VTT so will need help getting set up with something.
Looking for a dm and prolly 2 or 3 more plays so a group of 4 or 5 would be so fun...  
I'm the guy who is with him and we are both familiar with dnd 3.5 so 4th shouldn't be much of a transition.

We can play weekend nights but because of my friend's work schedule it will have to be either every other week on friday or every other week on saturday.  we can also do one week friday the next week saturday.

We are familiar with some VTT but our previous excursions with it have failed.

We're both relaxed guys who don't rage or complain and won't quit as long as nothing important interferes.

We can play any class that's needed.

Send a pm to either of us if you have room.

If interested, please contact me. Thanks!

Full details for the game I am running.  I use Glittercomm its a easy to use (and free) VTT hit me up with skype and I will help with character creation (its very easy with the offline character builder which you can download).
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