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O.K. i left a bit of bait for a plot hook that the players have taken. basically people are cursed to look and in extreme cases act like demons on an island and they found papers asking for help and are heading that way. I have that stuff basically planned out and that isnt the big thing since they will end up meeting a cult that is trying to release a big demon who was sealed away magically and such, but now i am debating if i should keep it a demon or not with what happened recently.

Now when my party is doing random traveling i roll a percentile to see the basics of what happens. the higher the number comes up the worse it is and visa versa. the only exception is when i roll a 66 i roll another d10 and if it is 6 as well something way bad happens. so anyway one of the rolls i decided they found one of those buildings that hold coffins inside of them. this one was wide open and the one coffin within the lid was not covering it and when they peered inside there were stone steps.

Anyway the party went inside and i said there was writing. at this point i didnt care what language it was in so i did another dice roll and it was primordial. none of them spoke it and either they forgot or sold the reading specticles that they got a while ago. anyway they walked down the path and despite some turns it was a basic straight line path except there were traps here and there that well they mostly ended up triggering.

they got to the end of the tunnel which light up at the last of the turns and the light followed them to the end. at the end was a large sharp toothed fire elemental carved into the wall with its mouth wide open and no wall within the mouth. the hole was big enough that they could climb thru it if they wished. the teeth had about 30 i think i said gold rings on them each with different elf names on them all female. they looked in the mouth seeing skeletons, partly decayed bodies, and a barely alive lady elf empaled on spikes all wearing the same outfit.

anyway the group pulled her out of the pit, but she died before even leaving the mouth. they then thanks to a ranger with great nature managed to track their way to the place that she came from only to find all of the people that lived there were now dead by burning even though the buildings and such were left in tact except for a few minor places/things.

I then told them that thanks to their searching they found what amounted to a fire titan (i am sure there is a real version of the titans in dnd but i don't know it yet and since they are only level 11 i dont think they need to worry about it at the moment) had demanded a sacrifice every 20 years to ensure the towns safety and since the latest one died while not on the spikes it destroyed the town. the character who is a pure good alignment has decided to seek vengance for this event.

so my question is should i keep the island idea based around demons like i planned or switch it to elementals somehow? also i had planned that the cult was working on a way to release the demon from a well never melt ice structure that prevents it from ever moving or anything.

so any advice or thoughts on this development would be great, but no huge rush since the next session is next week (we play every other week) and they got time til they get there. probably a couple sessions honestly.

oh yes and was it a royal jerk move to have the most good aligned characters actions lead to the complete destruction of an elven village as one of my players thought?
I'm thinking just go with the elemental thing. One thing I like to keep in mind asa a dm is letting the adventure flow rather than forcing it to the spicific plan you want. You seem to be doing a good job of that so far. You could even just fo with your original idea completely, just replace the word "demon" with "elemental". 

As for the good character screwing up, I think it was a good detail to add. I for one enjoy a sense of irony in my campaigns. Plus it gives the players extra motivation to stop the problem
true although i think the plot hook i had in mind will be a bit harder to pull off if i switch everything to elemental. see i was going to have it that they were always demons but the ritual that was being done by the cult was messing with their heads making them think they were always people and turning into demons when they were always demons and manipulated to think they were people.
Hmmmmm how about the demons use elementals as their footsoldiers? Like... keep them as pets and to further their goals?
What if, after the PCs defeat the elementals, they discover the island inhabitants once (ages ago) willingly began the sacrifices to the elementals, in return for protection from the demons?

That way you only have to re-write some, and it builds up the demons to be even worse.
I think you could just use the terms demons & elementals almost interchangably.
Sure, the PCs might know the difference between the two. 
But do the people they're trying to save?
Do the cultists? 
If the cultists do, what if the great "demon" they're trying to free turns out to be this fire-titan thing instead anyways?  "oops, those old scrolls turned out to be WRONG about what was imprisoned here...."
Largely the same effect - something really bad is released back into the world.  But any anti-demon items/spells employed fail to have the desired effects.
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