Dungeon Command Proxy Cards and Miniatures for Tournaments?

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Hi, I'm planning on helping run a few tournaments at my local game store soon, and one player wanted to use some proxies. Basically, he has some of the old miniatures that were repainted for the Dungeon Command game, and wanted to use them for beefing up his warband without having to buy more boxes of DC, or trading with people.

Now, I aplaud his efforts to save money, and just print out the extra monster cards... however I am of course concerned that the printed cards would be obvious in a shuffled deck of monsters, and thus allow a possibility of cheating.
No doubt he will argue that he can just sleeve them and it will be impossible to tell the difference. But I also play a bit of Magic and I know that in tournaments, even if it is indistinguishable from other cards, you still cannot use proxy cards. (I am trying to make sure this tournament I'm running is as tournamenty and official as possible. People can play casual games with whatever rules they want at home.)

Now I know in the old miniature system that was ended for some silly reason, you just needed the miniatures and the card could be a printed one if the old one was destroyed.
I know this player is used to the old system, and I would like to know for sure that it was correct of me to tell him no, he must use the official cards and minis. (Although if he wants to use his old minis in place of the new if he likes their paint job better, I will let him.)

I dont want to be a bad guy and tell him no, but since it is a card based system now, not dice, it is kinda important that the cards be real I think. (Just like before you had to use non-spindown dice and were not allowed loaded dice, or oddly numbered ones.)

If I can just get confirmation about this monster card issue, then I will be able to tell him that I asked, and got an official reply, and that there is nothing I can do.

(Oh and if there are any DC players in Winnipeg reading this, On Aug 11/2012, at 11am, there will be a tournament at GameKnight! Bring your best 12 monster team. :D)
I would imagine that, if Dungeon Command gets organized play tournaments (and I hope it does), then it would have the same DCI guidelines as Magic.  If Magic requires original cards for tournament play, then I would think that Dungeon Command would have the same requirement, at least for cards.  And, if the person has a card, he probably has the mini.

I didn't do any DDM back in the day, but I'd imagine the rules would follow similar guidelines to that in regards to minis.
Tournament rules for Dungeon Command are here:

Chris Dupuis Tabletop Games Designer Dungeons & Dragons Twitter: gameguruchris
If it is an informal tourney, particularly where the FLGS is just trying to drum up business for the game, then it's not really anything to worry about.  You can't expect the store owner to open half a dozen sets on a wing and a prayer that some peeps will take up the game (see below on my feelings about similar issue).

If worried about being able to detect proxies then use opaque-backed card sleeves.  If printed on regular paper (80 gsm) then stiffen the sleeve with a land card from Magic.   Or all cards used are the proxies, with the real ones set aside for reference by all.  Though would not want to infringe copyright.

Obviously, for sanctioned DCi tournament play, proxies are are no-no. 

I was thinking along the lines of what to do in casual play?  I am not going to be purchasing multiple copies of the set, not at £30 a pop when I have a wealth of DDM figs and many of the DC figs are reprints.  Though I do want to show some support for the game!  My thoughts are as follows for casual play:

You must come to the table with the required map sections (original), plus at least one copy of each miniature and card you wish to play from a DC faction box.  D&D miniatures of the same sculpt can be used as proxies if needed.  Original cards can be set aside for reference if there are proxy minis in play, and proxies placed in the deck as above.

I am going to come unstuck if tourney play takes off and I want two umber hulks.
Alright, no proxies then, unless damaged in the tournament by say a drink spill. Good to get a rules sheet I can print off.

Now to sanction the constructed event. Thanks!

Oh and Bear, I am gonna be trying to go for sanctioned constructed events, so I'm gonna have to not go for the casual rules you suggested.

Now I just have to somehow figure out what the best possible warband is! :P
I asked Customer Help if you could use the older, but identical, miniatures in a Constructed warband, and this was the response:

Thanks for emailing in with your question. The rules state that everything needs to be Wizards made so though the old minis are legal, a photocopy of the creature card will not be since proxy may only be given out by the Head Judge. Of course remember that the Head Judge has the final say in all of this but remember that only the Head Judge may give out replacement cards, the players may not bring their own.

Feel free to email or call in with any other questions or concerns you have.

Online Response Crew
Wizards of the Coast
1-800-324-6496 (US and Canada)
425-204-8069 (From all other countries)
Monday-Sunday 9am-6pm PST / 12pm-9pm EST

Looks like you could use older miniatures, as long as you OK it with the head judge and receive proxy creature cards before the tournament.

The posted tournament rules instruct the head judge to do that only in the case of a component damaged or lost during the course of the event, though.

Presumably you could use other printings of identical models assuming you had the card, though, which at least could help you distinguish multiples of the same creature. 
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