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I can't stress this enough. I would say every match (XBOX 360) that i've been in people always have that annoying piece of **** option enabled. It slows the game down by a lot. People are so slow just to make simple decisions to begin with, why oh why... is this enabled as default?

Especially when you have a large army attacking or being attacked. Perhaps Magic 2014 could either have the option disabled by default or god forbid it maybe removed?

I apologize for QQing like a b!tch, but this had to be addressed.
But those effects are so pretty~
But those effects are so pretty~

I still think it should have been disabled by default or even removed. Keep it for PC since the computer is capable of far more resources in play than consoles.
LOL that you made an account just for saying that.

yeah though, they are pretty annoying when noobs have them on and they slow the game down 1000%.  it's almost like a default form of griefing.

they should at least be off by default
i Agreee nothing more annoying than having to wait for your win/loss
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i warn them once, then kick out of the lobby after game if they didnt disable it mid game.
It's the same kind of people who cast 10 spells on their turn instead of just finising you off, when it's clear that your opponent has won.
Appointment? I think you meant opponent
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