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I've had an idea for some time for a one-of adventure (or possible series of mini-adventures) where player characters are in a low-magic medival fantasy setting (I'm thinking standard D&D, but barring several spellcasting classes), and then suffer an invasion by the Borg. I've got some ideas for how a story would progress, but I come to you for ideas on statting out the Borg themselves. Surely, on a big geeky message board like this one, some of you have given at least some thought on Borg CR and special attacks/defenses.


The Book of Vile Darkness had a lot of rules on grafting. Beholder , Yuan-ti , undead and demonic styles were covered. The warforged from MMIV might be helpful references as well.

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We did lots of that in a spelljammer bit years ago.  I'm not going to clog the thread here, but feel free to message me privately.
I didn't think of grafting, that'll be good for bringing NPCs back after assimilation. I could probably handle the whole thing that way, more or less.

And feel free to clog up the thread. Any response is helpful.
Well, for starters, we don't allow half-breeds of any race in our game.  So half-orcs became a race unto themselves, called "high orcs".  Think new-generation klingons (lawful evil) with a bent for predator weaponry (the movie), such as gauntlet crossbows and compound bows (not composite bows, I mean, pulleys and all, 1d8 x4 crit. and even once a vorpal "hand-disk" (normally not allowed on a ranged weapon).
The warforged were actually in Monster manual 3. MMIII also had a section on Living constructs in the appendix,pg 215. The Dmg had Laser pistols in the future section. Consider going to amazon.com and buying used copies of D20 Modern,D20 Future and D20 Cybernetics for several hundred pages of background rules?

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I was a step ahead of you on that, Taradusis. I went looking at grafts, then it dawned on me that the cybernetic enhancement rules from d20 Future would be a better fit. I'm going to look at them for inspiration, then eventually make an Augmented Humanoid Borg template for 3.5, which will include "Attachments" for various eye, arm, and internal enhancements. That way Borg can be simplified (in the form of a template) but allow for some diversity (in the form of creation options) to keep players on their toes.

I'll keep y'all informed, thanks!
The source book for demons contained a machine for creating demonic grafts , suppose that might be useful.

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