Is there a place for LavaSpike/Guildmage combo?

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I'm speaking of the splice combo, specifically. Izzet Guildmage used to copy a lava spike, which has had a Desperate Ritual onto it.

I've been running a casual deck using it now, but my current build folds to any really aggressive deck.

A lot of that would have to change, I'm thinking most of the other Arcane cards, maybe adding in Eye of Nowhere instead as a secondary combo to help reset the board. The bigger creatured would be out, either for more cheap removal or more early defenders to help survive to the point where I have 7 mana and the 3 pieces of the deck.

Any thoughts as to whether the Combo itself is viable? The decklist above is not tourny quality, but is an example of a consistent casual deck I'd probably use as my baseline
Kneel before the lord Drgon, or you shall be knelt
Seems real janky, but i like it. Snapcaster needs to be in here right? maybe pyros ascention with faithless looting.

cards i would initially take out:
the unspeakable
preordain (banned now in modern)
call to mind
niv-mizzet, the firemind
sift through sands (no longer need)
eerie procession

yea i dunno, take these out, add some just better quality cantrip, burn and arcane cards. mix up a new list , i'd like to see what you come up with.

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