Were there any DnD Novels about the 3.5 Core characters?

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I know there were many DnD novels written, but I was wondering if any novels were written about Tordek, Mialee, Hennet, Lydia, etc. from the 3.5 DnD books.
Yes, there were.

The Savage Caves (July 2002)
The Living Dead (August 2002)
Oath of Nerull (September 2002)
City of Fire (November 2002)
The Bloody Eye (January 2003)
Treachery's Wake (March 2003)
Plague of Ice (May 2003)
The Sundered Arms (July 2003)
Return of the Damned (October 2003)
The Death Ray (December 2003)

Hope that answers your question.   

All around helpful simian

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