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+5 Crossword of Slaying -- Part 15
by Chris Perkins

Know the goblin shapeshifters? Or the first demon lord? Test your game knowledge in our latest D&D-themed crossword puzzle!

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astralArchivist.com - 4e D&D house rules, homebrew, and story hours - now featuring ENWorld's Zeitgeist adventure path! Will Thibault is a winged, feathered serpent rarely found anywhere except in warm, jungle-like regions or flying through the ether. Due to his intelligence and powers he is regarded with awe by the inhabitants of his homelands and is considered to be divine.
D&D Next/Dungeon Command
D&D Podcast

by Bart Caroll

In this episode, Mike Robles asks Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford about the ongoing D&D Next Playtest, including what to look forward to at Gen Con 2012. Then Rodney Thompson, Peter Lee and Chris Dupuis join the podcast to discuss the creation and development of Dungeon Command!

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