Precise question : Half-elf dilettante power and sources which gives power points.

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Hi guys, I'm not sure about this so I'll post it here.

One of my character is a half-elf warlock noble adept (theme from dark sun who gives power points when I take the theme, and a lvl 7 at-will instead of a lvl 7 encounter, which gives me 2 power points... go check compendium if you don't understand) with the power conductive defense for the dilettante power.

My real question is : Can my half-elf with 3 power points (gained from his theme  by taking at lvl 7 at-will noble adept instead of a lvl 7 encounter of warlock) can augment conductive defense ?

I read the psionic augmentation class feature and I'm not sure if my player could augment his encounter from dilettante.

I'm not sure if i'm making sense right now. Feel free to help me. And what if the character gets power points from any source ?

Thanks in advance !
No. Powers gained by Racial Features (like the Human or Half-Elf ones) cannot be Augmented.

PHB 3 - 216 Augmentable: When a racial trait grants you an at·will attack power of your choice and you choose an augmentable atwill attack power. the power loses both the augmentable keyword and its augmentations.
Correct.  In the psionic augmentation feature, it says that when an element says you are allowed to use an at-will power, it cannot be augmented.

It's not in Dilettante, it's in the general rules applying to all at-wills granted by anything other than a psionic class.
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Hey, thank you very much guys. Didn't think to check in the PH3...
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