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what's the easiest way to get a DCI number?

can I show up without a deck at FNM, sign up and drop out immediatly?
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Depending on the FNM, maybe. They'll probably let you sign up for a DCI number without registering for the event, though I'm not sure about that.
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They should just be able to give you a DCI number without registering you for the event.

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Every shop I've been to will allow you to just sign up. I don't think I played in a tournament when I got my DCI # - it was earlier in the week and then I came back on Friday for FNM. ...And went 0-for-the-night with a god-awful allies deck... I mean, so bad... lol

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Let me point you to the Wizards Knowledge Base for an answer.


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I need the number for the rules advisor test
I don't play much paper Magic, so I don't really go to stores, most of my Magic time is online

I will go next Friday and ask
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