Precise question : Half-elf dilettante power and noble adept power points.

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Hi guys, I'm not sure about this so I'll post it here.

One of my character is a half-elf warlock noble adept with the power conductive defense for the dilettante power.

My real question is : Can my half-elf with 3 power points (gained from his theme  by taking at lvl 7 at-will noble adept instead of a lvl 7 encounter of warlock) can augment conductive defense ?

I read the psionic augmentation class feature and I'm not sure if my player could augment his encounter from dilettante.

I'm not sure if i'm making sense right now. Feel free to help me.

Thanks in advance !
As long as your character has power points and a power to be augmented, then I would allow the augmentation, no matter how the character came by the power.
A half-elf's Dilettante power is not augmentable. Ever.

page 216: "When a racial trait grants you an at-will attack power of your choice and you choose an augmentable at-will attack power, the power loses both the augmentable keyword and its augmentations".

Really, though, think it through. An augmented power is equivalent to an encounter power. Dilettante doesn't let you choose a fighter encounter power, so why would it let you pick the equivalent of a battlemind encounter power?

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Duskweaver is correct. Even if you were a Psionic class, the power would still lose the augmentation effects when chosen through the Human or Half Elf racial features.
Hey, thank you very much guys. Didn't think to check in the PH3...
Obviously neither I check PH3 about that stuff.  I have a half-elf ardent who has a battlemind  at-will for racial dilettante power, and I has have power points I have always just assumed I could augment it.
Thanks Duskweaver, good point.

the D&D Forums need some sore of experience point system...or gold for good answers. a la...every other good forum. 
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