The Dungeon Master Experience - What's My Motivation?

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The Dungeon Master Experience
What's My Motivation?
by Chris Perkins

No game this past week, sadly. As happens occasionally, I had a scheduling conflict that couldn’t be reconciled any other way. However, the evening wasn’t a complete loss.

Talk about this article here.

Chris spreads wonder once again. This is still my favorite series of articles.

Build on what the player gives you. Be willing to take your campaign in new directions. Suggest ideas that have future adventure possibilities. Yes, yes and yes.

I find the first point to be especially important while gaming with kids. I honestly believe my kids do more world development that I do at this point. They are always thinking about what cool things they want to see in the game and how they perceive everything. The inspire me so I use a lot of what they give me and then loop it back to them.

Which plays quite well into the second point. I used to plan much more of my campaigns but while adapting to my kid's style I find the game is more enjoyable if I am willing and ready to follow the flow of the game whenever it changes. This has made me a better DM in my games with older gamers as well.
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