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Panoptic Mirror


Time Warp

= infinite turns?

Thanks for the response. I have one more quick question. Someone told me in standard (real life) Magic infinite turns is not allowed (or infinite anything for that matter). Is that true?
Then just tell them you will only do it for 60 rounds.......I have never heard such a rule and it would seem impossible to legislate.  When exactly does repeating become infinite?  Can you not play any repeater than even has the potential to go infinite?  I would say more likely than not your friend does not like the idea of infinite combos and made an appeal to authority and ignorance.
I think technically you have to define a number in some situations, like for example if you played Chancellor of the Spires and used it to cast Rite of Replication on itself.  Since it would be an infinite loop I think you technically have to say "okay I'm making 1 million chancellors," not "infinite chancellors."  Pretty similar to being infinite.

I guess the point would be in case there was a certain card that had some sort of effect where the exaggerated number would actually matter.
Ahhh got ya.  Yeah I have asked someone to specify a life total when gaining infinite life before.  I looked down my nose a bit too quickly.  I was thinking of the question as saying you can't repeat a pattern that can be repeated indefinitely.
The rule is for loops, when you do an identical action or sequence of action indefinitely you have to set a number to it. Using the Time Warp every turn is not a loop.
For what it's worth, Panoptic Mirror + Timewarp isn't "infinite" anyway. Unlike infinite mana/lifegain/damage you can't really do the same with turns since you will deck yourself. This may seem silly, but getting the combo out vs say Jace late game may not gaurantee a win. It will greatly increase your odds, but if he's got you down to like 12 library with a Font of Mythos out you only have your 4 turns with him essentially frozen.
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