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I have somewhat of a fantasy in mind of creating an extremely random character, sort of like a PC form of the rod of wonder Tongue Out Sound crazy? Good! I was wondering if anyone new of a character build like this. Thanks!
The only thing I can really think of is a Chaos Sorcerer, picking as many 'random results' powers as you can.  Energy Strobe, Chromatic Orb, etc etc.  Wild Mage for your paragon path ...
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
Changeling would likely be the race of choice. You could change form whenever you feel like.

 Changeling chaos sorceror with Wild Mage PP... About as random as you could get. You might want to scan through other classes with compatable primary or secondary ability scores to see if there's anything worth multiclassing into. Probably not enough out there to make hybriding worth it, since it would dilute the whole "randomness" theme too much...


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i'd go with a changling chaosoul sorceror as well, but i'm actually DMing a game right now with a Chaotic Evil Deva Feylock, and he pulls off random very well (and the whole chaotic evil deva part just adds to it).

this kind of charater is best portraid by how you role play him/her. in a cave? fire combat spells at stalagtites. in town? throw empty wine/ale bottles at other party members. if you're a wizard (or multiclassed, or have the Hedgewizard gloves) use wizard cantrips to perform anoying and out-of-of-left-feild effects. found a portal and the party is trying to figure out where it leads? lick the portal, and ask the dm what it tastes like. going down a flight of stairs? body surf the party's fighter. walking down a long passage? do gymnastics flips. just defeated some zombies? take a bite out of one of the corpses (this one depends on how easy/freindly/not a troll your DM is, because DnD diseases suck). in a situation that requires diplomacy? either A: throw tact out the window and throw cheesy pick up lines at the dignitary. or B talk like this: even porkchop wagon arcane purple dinosaur. come to a fork in the road? roll a d20: >=10 go left, <10 go right. either way start walking and ignore the party if they want to go the other way.

i in particular am fond of using the dice to determine decisions, as it keeps you truly random. the problem is when you have to apply a meaning to the number (such as roll a d20 to determine your characters mood at any given point).