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My wife's Tiefling infernal warlock is looking for a Theme.  The build isn't terribly original, it uses Hidden Sniper and Shadow Walk to have CA at almost all times, and zones for dailies and pushing/sliding powers for encounter powers.  Usually she plays it like a normal ranged warlock - roaming around the back lines, away from the fight.

Some of the Theme candidates:


* Devil's Pawn. Is directly tied to Infernal Pact, but as a tiefling, she already has plenty of fire resist. She's not the face of the party, so diplomacy is less useful. 'Hellfire and Brimstone' isn't bad, but it's rare that baddies would be in her face.

* Infernal Prince. The +1 to fire attacks would normally be great for infernal locks, but as mentioned, she focuses on push/slide powers, so doesn't have as many fire attacks as is usual. Devil's Due is tempting, as she has some powers to trigger it, but the penalty seems steep. Hellfire Heart is nice free damage.

* Infernal Slave. Hellfire touch's slide is keeping in the style of this warlock, so that's a plus. But all of the powers are mixed blessings, which most other Themes don't do.

* Demon Spawn. This is actually my current favorite. Yes, Demonic Frenzy is lost on a caster. But being able to get 5/10/15 elemental resist as an encounter as well as reroll a missed attack just seems so ridiculously good. Student of Evard also gives a reroll ability - but as a daily AND you have to lose a healing surge.  The downside of Demon Spawn having to do opportunity attacks on allies isn't a problem as the warlock is rarely near anyone else.

* Wizard's Appretice... meh. The power isn't bad, but doesn't synergize with anything else the warlock does. The level 5 feature becomes useless quickly. Winged step isn't bad as a run-away option.

* Vile Scholar. Dark Speech is nice. The lvl 10 feature won't come into play much as she doesn't have many area attacks.

* Primordial Adept. +2 damage with fire is good for inferno lock, but again, this particular one doesn't do much fire damage.  Otherwise... meh.

*Outlaw. Surprise Strike actually works with this build, since the warlock has CA most of the time. That's still only dazing one target for one round. The other powers don't do much.

* Order Adept. +2 to Will is nice, though that's a moderately strong defense. The "Extension" power is handy to help keep up the warlock's zones. Argent Rain is a decent low-level deterrent-zone, but it's nothing to write home about.



If this has been well-covered in other posts, I apologize, searching for "theme" results in folks talking more about build flavor than the theme mechanic.

Check out the swap out utilities for primordial adept.  IIRC, one of the ones you get sets up a zone that increases slides done inside it.  It might fit your concept more.
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