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Hey there guys. When Modern came up I was soooo happy because all the years of hard work collecting good cards paid off. Modern is an Eternal format, so, why reprinted cards or cards done for supplements sucha as Planechase aren't legal, even when they are printed with the "modern" frame?

Because it would actually hinder what they intended. If they let you use planechase, duel decks etc, old card frames would be present anyway. In addition, the format would be the sole factor preventing them from printing cool cards like Duals or other things for legacy.
It's called "modern" because it's an eternal format which uses modern cards. If relics of the vault was encompassed it wouldnt be "modern" and planechase seems for more casual multi-player games.
Planechase and other box sets are specifically designed knowing they won't be legal in Modern.  It allows them to create effects powerful enough that they're really good in multiplayer (which is what Planechase and Commander are designed for), but won't break the "real" formats.  They're legal in Legacy because that format already has cards even more powerful, as well as better ways to answer them.

As for the duel decks, those are designed with flavor as the main priority.  They want to use the cards that fit the deck's theme best, without having to be restricted by format legality.

They're printed in the modern card frame because that's just the way cards are made now.  It may seem weird, but not as weird as opening up a duel deck and finding 7 or 8 cards with different frames mixed in.
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