Quality of 1E AD&D premium reprints?

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Anyone here get their 1st Edition AD&D Premium books yet?

What is the paper-quality like? 
Is the binding sewn?
Better or comparable quality to the 4E manuals?
Do the margins run together because they are to narrow?  (It looked like that might be a problem in the picture below posted at WOTC)

If you can, upload and post pics of spine, binding(where pages meet spine), edge of the book, inside shots of the books opened.

WOTC inside shot

These look absolutely killer!

Check out the pics in this thread...


Also check out this review with detailed comparison pics...


These are top quality books. Even with the gold gilding I am not going to worry too much about putting wear and tear on these books. Well... I'm not going to go nuts but I am not worried about regular use doing them in.

My ONLY complaint is each ribbon is different. Way to mess with my OCD wizards.

Just picked up a set.  These are very nice and well worth the price for nostalgia purposes.  Given that I have these books already (actually, 2 other sets with the different covers), they will sit on my shelf never opened again (er... occasionally I suppose).

The paper is different from the original in that it is much smoother and does have a bit of sheen to it.  The original paper had a bit of a grain to it which is absent.  As noted on other sites, the contrast is much better, with blacks being much blacker, but, as stated, some minor detail loss with some of the art work because of this. 

The binding looks to be sewn, but I am no expert - it could be made to look that way while utilizing an entirely different process.

The margins are tight, but no tighter than the originals from what I can tell.  The problem is that the new books have tight bindings and my older ones are used and worn, so I can lay the older books flat, whereas I do not want to do that with the new ones.   
Where can I order these online? There is no gaming store anywhere near me. Am I screwed on this? I really hope they haven't stuck me like with the other gaming store only books.


There is a nice little self created divide here. Shame there can't be more acceptance instead. I feel that is where the future of the game should be.

All this vitriol, pushing away, retroactive retaliation, and preemptive striking needs to stop.

I keep trying but some won't let things go. Will you?


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I bought one book a week for three weeks. These are well worth the investment (even if the DMG is a bit expensive). The quality of the books is astounding, it really puts all the 3.5 and 4E books to shame. Absoluetly love these three books. I wish every book could be as amazing.
We have 3 copies in my household and they are seeing quite a bit of usage. I'm eternally grateful for this act of goodwill. More reprints please. You're in the business of selling books afterall, shouldn't you let the market and your fans decide which ones they want to purchase?
I ordered mine online through Amazon all sealed in original wrapping. They appeared in excellent shape. I flipped through them all and to my horror the last half of my Players Handbook had warping as if they had been wet. I'm not sure if it's a manufacture or a storage issue. Has anyone had a problem with their new book's condition?
I would like to pick these up soon, but I have two sets of the books already (originals and the 1983 versions with the "new" Easley covers), and they're a bit much right now. Although they go to a great cause!

Now waiting for the 2E reprints (1989 versions, please), and the cash for the 3.5 reprints which are priced disturblingly high...  

Just roll some dice.



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I bought my books shrinkwrapped from my FLGS and they were in perfect condition. Not a flaw in them. Overall, I'm really impressed with the quality of the books. The paper is a nice heavyweight semi-glossy white and the black ink is vivid and crisp. I just hope it's not the same black ink they use in the 4e books which has a tendancy to smudge when it gets the least bit damp. The gold on the edging is a nice touch but is thin and won't stand up to much real world use. I should say, however, that these books will certainly last a long time even with regular use. Considering that my originals have lasted 25 years, I expect to playing with these books at the table for a long time to come.

Very happy, and I can't wait to get my 3.5 reprints this week. Now if only WotC would reprint the 2e books I'd be in gamer heaven.
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