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I am playing a 4e changeling and want to know what effects/rules do the shapechanger subtype and polymorph based Changeling Disguise power give.

What are the effects and conditions of the shapechanger subtype? Can someone display the official rules on that for me please.

The Changeling Disguise is a polymorph effect so does that mean I can change into a form that has flight and fly? Or a form that has underwater movement and breathe water?

Unless the specific power you're using states otherwise, changing your shape has no effect whatsoever on any of your game statistics.  Your changeling cannot fly, nor can he breathe water, using Changeling Disguise.

Changeling Disguise: "Effect: You alter your physical form to take on the appearance of any Medium humanoid. You retain your statistics in your new form, and your clothing, armor, and possessions do not change. The new form lasts until you change form again.
Any creature that attempts to see through your ruse makes an Insight check opposed by your Bluff check, and you gain a +5 bonus to your check.

Polymorph Keyword:
Polymorph powers change a creature’s physical form in some way. For instance, a polymorph power might transform a creature into a mouse. Unless otherwise noted, a creature uses the following rules when it is affected by a polymorph power.

One Polymorph at a Time: If a creature is affected by more than one polymorph power, only the most recent one has any effect. The other powers’ effects remain on the creature and their durations expire as normal, but those effects don’t apply. However, when the most recent effect ends, the next most recent one that is still active applies to the creature.
    Example: If a druid uses a polymorph power on herself and then a monster uses a polymorph power on her, the polymorph effect of the druid’s power is suppressed until the monster’s polymorph effect ends on her.

Changing Size: If a polymorph power reduces a creature’s space, the creature does not provoke opportunity attacks for leaving squares as it shrinks. If a polymorph effect would make a creature too large to fit in the available space, the effect fails against the creature, but it is stunned (save ends).
    Example: If Keira is crawling through a narrow tunnel and a polymorph effect tries to make her too large for the tunnel, the effect fails, but she is stunned until she saves against that effect.

Death Ends: Polymorph effects end immediately on a creature that dies.

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As a changeling, when I take another shapeshifted form (orc) are there any rules that state I would revert back to changeling form if sleeping/unconscious? I know the polymorph rules say Death Ends: Polymorph effects end immediately on a creature that dies. I have not found any rules about being unconscious or sleeping however.

In other forums it has been discussed the Changeling Disguise power states The new form lasts until you change form again with no mention of things that would end the effect unless you choose to activate the power again.

If you haven't found any rules about sleeping or unconscious, then there aren't any.  You remain transformed.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
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