Is Abyssal Persecutor played in Modern?

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Abyssal Persecutor. Is it good enough to play in Modern, or do other cards simply outshine it? If so, which ones?

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For a 4-drop, his abilities are lackluster, and his high power to cost ratio doesn't make up for it. A 4-drop should be more than just an attacker/blocker. Instead people play Bloodbraid Elf, Thrun, Huntmaster of the Fells, Restoration Angel, and occasionally Falkenrath Aristocrat and Olivia Voldaren in the 4 mana slot. And there are also many oversized beaters at 2 and 3 mana.
In Legacy, Blue is the best color. Let's punish blue, in Modern. And they listened!
In the past he has found himself in a few midrange control top-8 winning decklists. He is an ez target though.
I think you need to test him out.  I know in Legacy awhile back, they used to run him in an Eva Green style deck.  You would have access to lilly, and gatekeeper to get rid of him if needed.  I am not sure if affinity/robots are played at lot in your local area, but if you want to make a discard deck, you might try to run Wrench Mind in an Eva Green shell.  

At one time there was also another deck that used Ninja of the Deep Hours that would allow the player to return the persecutor.

You could also take an existing deck, although there is not a heavy black deck in the format, and slot him into an existing shell and see how it works out.  I would probably try a Jund first.