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My group asked me if there was any news on new playtest material and informed me that they had no interest in returning to our 4th edition campaign, despite liking the world and their characters. As one player put it, "The playtest reminded me what I loved about D&D." We have a couple sessions worth of Caves of Chaos left, here's hoping a new packet will materialize in the beginning of August. They are dying to make their own characters.
eberg, my group feels the same way.  I've been on vacation for a few weeks, but my group wants to play as soon as I get back, and we really look forward to the new playtest packet.

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Same here. We've started seeing how the Next rules work in old modules.
If we had fully fleshed out character creation rules and enough level advancement, I have no doubt there would be a wholesale migration to that system (at least for the immediate future).  This is coming from someone who is happily engrossed in Pathfinder, too.  Assuming they stay the current course, they've won me back to the table (somewhat).
Dittos.  I have begun as a player in our playtesting group, and I can tell you that I boxed up all my fourth edition stuff this week.  Our normal campaign, which I DM, I have moved over to the 3.5/Pathfinder ruleset from fourth.  The vibe our group  now is that fourth edition is for all intents and purposes a failed experiment.   In the absence of more materials to keep us going in Next, we will most likely resort to 3.5/Pathfinder.
I like your verdict eberg!

More DDN games. More DDN material. More DDN love. Wink
Yes, Please! Bring out the Rangers and Please, Mr Mearls & company, please bring back the bounus on Damage vs. Giant Class creatures... at least some creatures like all the basic humanoids, ogres, trolls, giants, etc.  I have 2 separate groups I DMed for; both liked the rules and are anxious to see more, make their own characters, delve into some action above LV 3, etc.
Agreed very enjoyable
Best part is, so MUCH of the game hasn't been finished yet.  So we are just starting to see the tip of the iceburg and how can their efforts be weaker with so much feedback?  This mechanism for feed back is smart.
Overall there's some great stuff in Next as far as I can see, it is a good solid set of bare bones to be built upon. I can't wait to see what else come, I hope they do offer some more 4E style options without the constraints that are in the 4E power system as it stands.

Regardless I can see some fantastic things, awesome potential in the system as it is.
More more more, I want to be able to make characters.  Mmm someone said ranger.  I would sorcerer and barbarian as well.  More more more.
Ranger? Yeah, that was me.  I'm also very curious about how the Monk will work and whether or not the Assassin will return to becoming a Player Class (as opposed to an NPC one).  While they're at it, if it does make a return, maybe they could get rid of the Evil requirement; I can see a say Chaotic Neutral Assassin who works for the leaders of a kingdom to assassinate brigand leaders & the like
Depeding on rule expansion, assassin could be a theme.  Originally, the assassin was essentially a thief with expanded weapon and armor choices.  The primary difference is an assassin takes money to kill people, typically for their own benefit.  That is inherently evil by the way in D&D terms and I hope it stays that way.  A person who works for a kingdom to maintain law (brigands being outlaws as they are working against the kingdom) is called a soldier or mercenary which would not have to be evil.  In fact, he/she could very well be lawful as they would be following orders of their commanders or nobility.

Back to the original comments, I too look forward to more rules and character generation.  I think D&DN has some wonderful ideas incorporated into it which could make playing and DMing relatively easy compared to other versions.
My group is awaiting new releases of information as well but for the opposite reason.  For us the playtest was deemed not worthy of continued play without significant improvement.
My players are loving it. One keeps telling me "I forget that it is only a playtest and find myself looking for it on the shelves. I'm just ready to buy it."

I'd like a chance to test further and work out some kInks but I'm not far behind him.

Edition wars kill players,Dungeons and Dragons needs every player it can get.

I'm very interested in seeing how high level play handles.  If it doesn't buckle and break like 3.x I will be well pleased.
As much as I personally love D&DN may players were not interested.  They want to stick with 4e.
So... have you guys seen in general? Scroll down to Diversion's post for a summary of what you can expect from the next playtest in August.
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From what i've seen this looks great, going back to working mechanics like vancian magic and keeping the system clean and making sure it allows players to do whatever they want is great, and one of the reasons some of my friends disliked D&D is because it has always been more rules-heavy than say WOD...
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