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ok let me say first of all i don't think its a hack maybe a unknown glitch but on the psn leaderboards there are three people who have a outragious score and miles off 4th place they all have 65000 plus and 4th place has about 2800 now maybe this is beliveable in single player but impossiable in 1v1 ffa. My personal opinion that it they are cheating or hacking that they get perm banned from the leaderboards or even the game.
is there a thread like this somewhere 154 views and no replys people usally reply in 10 views
No ones replying as no one cares there are atleast 10 threads like this and no one cared for those either even if these guys didnt hack they would just make a slave account and boost themselves to the top its not new as Long as elo is the system being used.

The only way to stop this sort of abuse would be to use a True skill rating system or TSR if you will as it would give you points based on good plays getting win streaks beating people higher ranked than you etc,on the flip side you would lose TSR if you made bad plays (but with the current May=must still on some abilitys this would slam alot of players hard) or if you had a losing spree or lost to that 100card deck noob.

As you can see it would take alot of programming of what is considred a good play etc so it wont happen.
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The 'glitch' is that you lose no points for conceding a match on PS3, and your opponent gains points. Anyone in the top ten of the 1 v 1 game leaderboards on PS3 has abused this. Probably everyone in the top hundred. Those with 65k points did so to an extreme, unless there's another problem with the leaderboards that I haven't seen yet.
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to get to these points on campaign is impossible there is a max limit on how many pts you can get, I noticed this on the leaderboards on the PS3 and say ehh I am not counting them anyways you don't get any achievements or unlocks for getting to the top ten or 100 for that matter but I do feel like they are much more of a threat because they usually are good players except the few who boost. 
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