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Hello, I am new to the Star Wars RPG but I have been playing the Pathfinder RPG for over a year so I have some expierience. I am looking to build a Wookiee tank for my character to play as. I feel a little overwhelmed to say the least about the amount of information there is about this game so if anyone has any words of advice or strategies, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Well, you could be the typical Wookiee type and specialize in two handed melee weapons for major damage potential.

As for tanking, high Con and Toughness feat would be useful.  If you have access to Rebellion Era Campaign Guide, consider the noble's Gambling Leader talents, in particular Face the Foe and Luck Favors the Bold.  Face the Foe grants a +1 attack bonus, which is nice, but Luck Favors the Bold grants you temporary HP.  It's the poor man's ablative DR, renewed every round.  From there, progress into Elite Trooper for the d12 hit die and additional DR.  If your GM allows you to, take the Mandalorian Warrior talents from the KOTOR book.   Mandalorian Glory grants you another big attack bonus when you drop a foe (+5 on next attack), and then Armored Mandalorian basically doubles your existing DR.

So for levels, 5 levels of Solider (I suggest Melee Smash, Stunning Strike, and Devastating Attack), 3 levels of Noble (for Face the Foe and Lucks Favors the Bold), and then at least 3 levels of Elite Trooper for Mandalorian Glory and Armored Mandalorian.  11 levels total here, and then you can take your Wookiee onto other levels as you see fit.

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