Eye on Darksun - The Crown of Whispers

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Eye on Darksun
The Crown of Whispers
by Rodney Thompson

The long lost crown of Daskinor, mad sorcerer-king of Eldaarich, was a simple circlet made of a rare silvery metal, and imbued with a healthy dose the sorcerer-king’s psionic power, not to mention all of his paranoia. Now the Crown of Whispers has found its way back into the world, and it seeks to return to brow of its former master.

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Happy to be back on the best D&D forum on the internet!

Why do they keep putting this **** in Dragon?  To pad out the couple lackluster themes and random utility power?  Why don't they turn the page of aggregated links to other rpg sites and product reviews into monthly  Dragon features?  Why the **** do they even have Dungeon? 

Cry Havoc!  And let slip the hogs of war!

Seriously.  artifacts belong in Dungeon if anywhere.  But then I guess Dragon will look worse than it is, with 2-4 articles a month.
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I kinda agree with the previous posts, but i do like the crown of whispers as an artifact for Dark Sun.  But yeah, I really feel like artifacts should be in Dungeon, and Worlds articles should be in Dungeon, unless they offer character options. 

Also, is it just me, or is Dungeon taking their sweet-a** time posting anything this month? 
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