Wizards' Summon Fire Warrior

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Hey guys.  Need some help here.  We don't have the Arcane Power hand book and the Compendium did not elaborate either.  Apparently on page 103 of the handbook I might find my answer, not sure.  Our Wizard has the Summon Fire Warrior spell memorized.  However, nothing tells us what his stats are (hit points especially).  It does say it as a +2 to AC and Fort so we are assuming it gets the same stats as the Wizard with those two bonuses.  Is that correct?  Anything else we should know about the summon spells?

 The Compendium has all the rules for Summoned creatures in the Glossary entry for "Summoning"...

 They were also published in the PHB 2 & 3 as well as the Rules Compendium.


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Found it in the Compendium, thanks Mad_Jack.
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