Melee Reach X and cover

I've found these entries from an old FAQ (or Jedi Consular, I don't know):

"Q: How about this: Let's say you have a Rancor fighting two enemies. One enemy is 1 square away, and the other is 2 squares away, directly behind the first enemy. Can the Rancor attack the enemy in back?

A: No. The more distant enemy would be considered to have cover from the closer enemy, and (obviously) the more distant enemy is not the closest. Therefore, it would not be a legal target according to the targeting rules.

Q: Another cover question: What if a Rancor is fighting an enemy 2 squares away on a low objects square. Does that enemy get cover?

A: Yes. The Rancor is not literally adjacent to the low objects, so he cannot ignore them."

These rules are up to date?
Or there is no cover when I attack an enemy character with Melee Reach?

No, those are no longer up to date and were using the old definition of Melee Reach. These questions are also no longer in the master FAQ.

Melee Reach has since been erattaed to make it so whenever a character with reach attacks, all characters within X squares are considered adjacent for all purposes. And adjacent characters never have cover.