PROXY question comes back

In the latest (Doomsday Edition) glossary:

"Mimetic Combat Processor: Once per turn during this character’s activation, choose one Medium character with Melee Attack within 6 squares. This character can use the chosen character’s Defense, Attack, and Damage ratings if they are higher than its own. It must use all the chosen character’s ratings; if any of them is worse than its own, it cannot use this ability. This character uses the chosen character’s ratings for the rest of the skirmish or until it chooses another eligible character."

In the latest FAQ (at the Mimetic Combat Processor questions, of course :-):

"Q:Can this character select a character to copy if some of the ratings are the same as its current ratings?

A: Yes. It is only prevented from selecting a character that has one or more lower ratings."

And there is a topic (Proxy Question) from 2009. This topic conflicts the latest FAQ.

So, PROXY used Ulic to mimic. After that, can PROXY select Exar to copy?

Which is the right? The topic or the FAQ? 

Ah, I remember that debate.

Initially, it was that you could only choose a new character if all the stats were higher, but eventually Rob, the designer for WotC, clarified the intent of the ability. Now, the requirements are that all the stats of the new character being mimicked must be equal to or greater than the current stats. So, in today's enviroment, you can copy Uliq, then Exar.
Oh, very special thanks! It was an important question in my regional community! Thank you!
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