MDRN: "RWX2", my RW Human Deck, looking for advice

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I came up with this deck after seeing Champion of the Parish in action in a fan game called Forge. I've taken it online, and had mixed results; i lost to a red mill deck, but managed to pull a win out against a bruiser Jace mill deck.

Anyway, I don't have the Champions, as they cost too much (fixed income and middle of the month and all that). Instead, I'm using an Angel's Feather, a Dragon's Claw and two Elite Vanguards as substitutes. I'll be able to afford cards at the beginning of the month; what should I look for to make this deck run more efficiently? The basic idea is to hexproof the champions, topdecking them if possible. If not, there are other things that grow anyway, geistflames being used on both sides of the board. I don't rely on Chandra, but she's a definite boon to the deck, the way I play it. Like I said, I'll be able to get more cards later on, so any card suggestion is welcome. 
I'd also like a rating on the deck, if possible. I don't usually play creature based decks, so this was an experiment for me.
I run a MonoWhite and GreenWhite deck built around Champions and other Humans, so I can give you a range of advice...  some of it may apply to your playstyle and some won't, but this is a great, underrated kind of deck and I think you could have a lot of fun with it.

1)  Gather the Townsfolk:  Each token boosts your Champions plus gives you chump blockers.  I've had this card (esp. it's 5-token variant) win games for me in a single turn by giving me a huge army lead and buffed-out Champion of the Parish.  2-3x IMO, at least one.  Also, you've got Hero of Bladehold, which gives you Battlecry and some extra tokens (which, remember, buff CotP) every time you attack.

2)  Consider getting some of the White soulbonding creatures to go with your CotP or tokens.  Nearhearth Pilgrim and Silverblade Paladin can be pretty good in their own rights, and turn your (buffed out) CotP into scary, scary things while giving you some sustain (at least in the Pilgrim's case).  Sometimes it's even efficacious to pair these two with each other, creating a double-striking/Lifelinking pair which will often be able to sneak past blockers trying desperately to keep your buffed-out CotP from eating them.

3)  Elite Inquisitor and Grand Abolisher can absolutely wreck certain decks, and are respectable damn good in their own right.  Double bonus if you have the soulbonding creatures I mentioned above.

4)  Honor of the Pure is a cheap, easy, stackable way to force-multiply your army (suddenly those 1/1 tokens are significantly more scary).

5)  Oblivion Ring is so stupidly good it belongs in any deck that can create white mana.  It's basically a universal "annoying crap" remover.

6)  I would strongly consider Bonds of Faith over Arrest, or at least a 2/2 split.

7)  Gideon's Avenger is another kind-of-snowbally human creature that's much cheaper than CotP if you're budget conscious.  Sadly a lot of my advice is about pumping out lots of humans and human tokens and buffing them, so it's not a 100% synergistic fit, but it's something to think about.

Good luck!  I like odd color combinations and this one could have potential.  I feel you could utilize the red mana a bit more, maybe picking more flashback cards ( Devil's Play ?), or of course a couple of Red Sun's Zenith
Whew! Thanks for the advice! Those are quite good combos. I was already going to add CotP, but now, I have even more cards to consider! Especially that Grand Abolisher; he'll be good against anything that runs instants. 
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